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  World's First Bowhunting Sight

Become an E-Z-V Sight Dealer

To become a dealer you must first complete and meet the following requirements:  

• Submit a completed Dealer Application Form.
• Provide a copy of your current state re-sale tax certificate/license.
• Provide a copy of your current business license, as required by your city or state.
• Must have a business phone listing and or yellow page ad listing.
• Must have posted regular business hours.
• Must be conducting business legally according to local zoning laws.

After we receive and approve your application we will send out a current catalog and price list to you, as well as your dealer login username and password.  Once approved by the network administrator you will be able to order product using your dealer login.

To download a copy of the dealer application in PDF format, please click the link below.
Once you have completed the Dealer Application you may either fax it to 866-302-2555
OR e-mail a scanned copy of the document to:

Please direct all questions relating to the dealer application process to:

[email protected]