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E-Z-V Compound Bow Sight

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2018 E-Z-V Sight                                                  


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Neon Chartreuse Color for Optimal Low Light Conditions

V-Insert sizes may be exchanged at no charge within 30 days of purchase

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The E-Z-V is as E-Z as it gets!  The E-Z-V Sight is a V-shaped compound bow sight that simultaneously ranges distance AND aligns aiming point with precision shot placement all in one-step and in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight eliminating the necessity of ranging distance prior to aiming and human error of accurately ranging distance before aiming and shooting.  Problem solved!

  • No more fragile pins!        
  • No more range finders!
  • No more target panic!
  • Simultaneously ranges distance AND aligns aiming point with precision shot placement in one-step and in 1/10th
   the time of a traditional pin sight   
  • Eliminates human error of ranging distance
  • Maximizes shot accuracy and shot time in one-step without the use of range finders or fragile sight pins
  • Perfect for deer, elk, moose, antelope, caribou, bear and turkeys
  • V-Inserts molded from tough polycarbonate in 5 FPS intervals to match YOUR bow’s trajectory curve for a
   mathematically custom fit!
  • 1000-times stronger than fiber optics!
  • V-Inserts snap in and ready to go! No more tiny Allen wrenches – E-Z!
  • E-Z to sight-in
  • Right Hand/Left Hand reversible
  • 5 easily interchangeable V-Inserts included – choose the one that’s right for you!
  • Versatile - Tick-marks enable use as a traditional pin sight as well – but better!
  • Sight brackets available in camo and matte black
  • V-Inserts available in Neon Chartreuse Color for low light visibility
  • Sight Scope with level bubble for precision shooting
  • Weight: approx. 6.9 oz.



Your E-Z-V Sight will include 5 easily interchangeable V-Inserts within the range of your bow's FPS to get the perfect fit when sighting in and also to accommodate for slight equipment alternations (such as increasing bow poundage).  For example, if your bow's FPS is 282 FPS, your E-Z-V Sight will come with the 270 FPS; 275 FPS, 280 FPS, 285 FPS and 290 FPS. Choose the perfect fit for you when sighting in!

Determine the range of your bow’s FPS (feet per second)

If you don’t know your bow's FPS click on the E-Z-V Sight Chart below:
If you do not have a chronograph to determine the current speed of your bow, you can use your current pin sight to determine your FPS:

Step 1
Print the to-scale Sight Chart above and simply match your current pin sight to the correct size on the Sight Chart. Or, measure the distance between your current 20-yard pin and your furthest sighted-in pin. 

Step 2
Determine which V-Insert - numbered 1 - 14 - matches the distance between your closest and furthest sighted-in pin. 

Step 3:
Enter the number of the V-Insert from the size chart in the instructions box during checkout OR simply indicate the measurement. 

Your E-Z-V Sight will be customized with the correct fit!  E-Z!

Option Two:
Use the FPS Calculator below to determine your bow's FPS.

So, if your bow is 288 fps, you will choose the 280 – 290 FPS V-Insert.  If your bow is 272 FPS, you will choose the 270 - 280 FPS V-Insert.  More examples below:

FPS          V-Insert Choice
267            270 - 290
279            270 - 290
285            270 - 290
293            290 - 320
312            290 - 320
319            290 - 320

Also, in the event you upgrade to a much faster bow in the future, it is likely that your additional V-Inserts will accommodate for this slight fluctuation in FPS.  If not, no problem!  V-Insert replacements are readily available, easily interchangeable and inexpensive.

What Are You Waiting For!? It's E-Z!

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