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EZV-X Sight for Crossbows is Changing the Game!

If you are a crossbow hunter, you already know that the average effective hunting range is no further than the average effective hunting range of a compound bow – 50, maybe 60 yards.  You also already know that a crossbow sight is sighted-in exactly like a compound bow sight.  The only difference is that a crossbow sight is made up of a glass lens with a crosshair sticker and horizontal lines representing your 20 – 60 yard “pins”. 

Just like a compound bow, you must first accurately range the distance to your target before aligning your aiming point. If your target moves before making the shot, you either have to range the distance again or guess, risking unethical shot placement or missed opportunities.  Another obstacle crossbow hunter’s face is the fogging and icing of crossbow sight glass lenses.  Anybody who has stepped out into moist weather wearing glasses, or driven a car in the rain knows exactly what I mean!  Now, not only do you have to worry about ranging distance again, but you also have to figure out how you are going to clean your crossbow lens without detection! 


The EZV-X for crossbow’s lightning-fast-aim-and shoot sight technology will take your crossbow hunting success to a whole new level! 

The EZV-X for crossbows affords you the same proven reVolutionary performance advantages as the E-Z-V Sight for compound bows!  No Joke!  Just like the E-Z-V Sight for compound bows, the EZV-X for crossbows eliminates the need to pre-range the distance to your target! 

The EZV-X for Crossbows:

  1. Simultaneously ranges distance AND aligns aiming point with precision shot placement in one step and in 1/10th the time of a traditional crosshair glass lens crossbow sight without the use of a rangefinder
  2. Eliminates human error of accurately ranging distance
  3. Precision shot placement at random distances without the use of pins or a rangefinder
  4. Tick-marks enable use as a traditional crossbow sight – but better
  5. Unobstructed open sight picture alleviates target panic
  6. No more foggy or icy glass lenses
  7. Neon chartreuse yellow-green V-Inserts for maximum low light shooting/hunting visibility conditions
  8. 10 easily interchangeable V-Inserts included to match your crossbow’s trajectory curve – choose the one that’s right for you
  9. Perfect for deer, elk, moose, antelope, caribou, bear and turkeys
  10. V-Inserts snap in and read to go
  11. Tool less sight-in – E-Z!
  12. Universal picatinny rail mount
  13. Lifetime warranty – 100% made in the USA

What about the magnification of a traditional crossbow scope?

Let’s face it…. The crossbow is NOT a long range weapon.  If using a 300+ FPS crossbow, for example, the average effective hunting range is 50 - 60 yards. Most people cannot land a shot with enough precision to penetrate the vital organs beyond that.  Which is why most crossbow hunters prefer to take a shot from a maximum of 35 yards away - not because their arrow won’t kill from a further distance, but because they want to be certain the arrow will land where it should.  Otherwise, they would end up wounding the animal, and that’s not something any ethical hunter wants. 

Magnification means that the image you see through the ocular lens will be at least three times larger than it would appear to your naked eye enabling you to see your target at long range distances when using high powered weapons capable of making accurate long range shots such as rifles.  Because crossbows are not capable of making ethical shots beyond 60-yards, magnification is essentially a useless function equipped on typical crossbow scopes.  In fact, magnification technology on a crossbow can actually hinder the performance of a crossbow due to fogging, icing, and obstruction of the target’s actual distance.  It may look “cool” and even give a crossbow shooter a false sense of confidence, but in reality, it serves absolutely zero purpose for crossbow performance.   So don’t be fooled! 

The EZV-X Scope and Sight technology for crossbows will take your crossbow hunting to an unprecedented level of crossbow hunting success!  Money Back Guaranteed!

Images and pre-orders coming soon!