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Best Bow Sight - E-Z-V Sight

Now that you're sighted-in, aiming on animal targets is E-Z!

20-Yard Shot Placement

30-Yard Shot Placement

Every animal has a visual bump on their shoulder socket as well as definition where their rib cage ends.

Simply draw - align one wall of the V-Insert on the should bump and the other on the last rib of the rib cage and shoot!  Your arrow will impact the center of the lungs every time!  It makes no difference what distance you are from your target . 

Where the two points of the animal intersect with the V-walls sets the elevation perfectly every time whether you are at 23-yards, 37-yards or 43-yards!  If choosing to shoot using the V-configuration, ignore the tick-marks - align the V - and shoot!

If, like myself, you prefer your arrow to impact the top of the heart as well as the double lungs, simply sight-in so the impact point is 2 inches lower than the center of the vital zone paper target.
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Visible Vital Zone
25-Yard Shot Placement

Invisible Vital Zone
25-Yard Shot Placement

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If you are in the field, and your target turns quartering away, you can aim your E-Z-V Sight in a conventional manner using the tick-marks like a traditional pin sight. 

The only difference is that you will evenly space those tick-marks on each side of the intended impact point.

Paper Target
50-Yards - Bullseye!

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Visible Vital Zone
50-Yard Shot Placement

Invisible Vital Zone
50-Yard Shot Placement

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Elk 30-Yard Shot Placement

Turkey 30-Yard Shot Placement

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Quartering-Away Shot

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Quartering-Away Shot