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I am an avid whitetail deer hunter with my bow and 4 years ago decided to start elk hunting.  This year a buddy told me about your sight and I researched it and loved the concept but was at first skeptical.  I ordered one and so did my buddy.  He got his in first so he was shooting it and loved it and I grabbed his bow which I had never shot and was able to center punch from a variety of unknown distances!  I was hooked and anxious for mine to arrive.  After installing mine I quickly came to absolutely love it!!  My other hunting buddies thought we were crazy to change sights 2 weeks before a major elk hunt.  After shooting every night and center punching from unknown distances all the way up to 55 yards I had NO DOUBT I was ready!  I am 48 and my vision is getting blurry so the thought of not having to look at faded sight pins, coupled with the ease of not having to use a range finder was very appealing to me.  Three days into the hunt I put the V to work 40 yards on this 6x6 and dropped him within 70 yards!!!  I never even thought about the distance!  Thank you!!!!

Steve Halter - Greater Poplar Bluff Area

For all you bowhunters out there, I just started shooting the E-Z-V Sight before rifle season. I'm not going to lie.  Ii was kind of iffy on using it. But, after shooting it for awhile, the more I got to liking it. I have better groupings at further distances then I would have ever got with fiber optic sights. This is at 50-yards. I wouldn't  have got this kind of grouping with fiber optic sights.
-Richard Bradshaw-

I would like to start off by saying that at first I was skeptical of the idea of not have pins. But after using and testing the E-Z-V sight, I have become completely convinced that it works as well or even better than advertised. The craftsmanship of the product is unparalleled. The metal construction really feels sturdy but not too heavy. The lack of pins actually helps me a great deal with target panic. The built in range finding works excellent. It is absolutely excellent for the hunter. In fact, I'm so impressed,  I have nothing but good things to say.

Travis Ray

Walton, WV

Plain and simple, the E-Z-V Sight  just flat out works! Once you sight it in,  the fun begins. I shoot a recurve and longbow as well. Shooting this sight feels almost instinctive. Put whatever you want in the middle of the "V" and shoot. I first thought my groups would be bigger - they have gotten smaller.  You can flip the insert around to not look at the the tick marks, and it becomes almost a feel, when the sight picture looks right-shoot, it's that quick and deadly accurate! Not having to look at a pin is awesome. You can really watch your arrows flight path with out a pin or pins in the way. Not having a pin moving around, it feels much steadier. It has made shooting a compound relaxing and most of all fun! Once you learn the "V" sight picture you have it- Also this sight is built better than my entire bow, and I shoot Hoyt! 
I use a whisker biscuit rest and now the EZV sight, nothing to fail when in the woods, what a great feeling and confidence this setup is for me. Thanks again for such a great product for the Bowhunters, the deer only have to give me a second or two, what more could you ever ask for! Take care- Stan Inklick this text to edit. Choose a customer testimonial, review, or quote from the media that gives prospective buyers confidence in your brand, your products, or your customer service.

Stan Ink - New York

It would take a novel to explain the amazing qualities of the E-Z-V Sight. Many companies mimic or copy other hunting products and call it "revolutionary", but none of them have re-invented how we shoot our bows like the E-Z-V Sight does today. I previously had an adjustable 3 pin sight before, and with the chart system that E-Z-V Sight sends you,  I was able to accurately choose the right insert for my bow. 20 to 30 minutes later I'm adjusted and sighted- in shooting solid groups at my regular distances. 60 yards use to be my comfort zone for farthest distance, but now I feel so confident I cant wait to reach out even further with my bow. In Alberta I am a ground hunter in the bush and move alot. I don't have the luxury of pre-ranging where the game walks and now, with my E-Z-V Sight, I can capitalize on more opportunities in the field. Talk about a game changer!

TJ Kliparchuk

Alberta, Canada

I enjoy the E-Z-V Sight  very much!  Sighting-in was actually pretty E-Z - no pun intended haha. I've robin hooded an arrow in the process.  It is very consistent!

Kendall Kozel

Braidwood, Illinois

What a great concept!  I was skeptical at first, but after shooting for a while I have grown to love it. Was easy to set up and get sighted-in. Very well built for those back country hunts. No more blurry pins for me!  Thanks for the opportunity to keep shooting without adding weight to the string. Highly recommend this sight!
Leon Armijo‎
Well, I've had my E-Z-V Sight for about a week and after shooting it, I have busted two nocks at various distances. You guys doubting this sight need to get your hands on it and give it a trial run. When using the tick marks put what you are wanting to hit in the middle of them and it is as simple as that. What you are aiming acts as your pin, the outside tick marks set your elevation.

bowhunter.bk85, Archery Talk Forum

- Ginger Huston, Montana -

Got a nice fat doe with my bow and the E-Z-V Sight. First deer with a bow. 55-yards quartering away and uphill.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Pinless Distance Ranging Compound Bow Sight

 - Ron Nail, Kalispell, MT -

Just back from our elk hunt in Southwest Montana. Does the E-Z-V Sight work on elk you skeptics ask? I know I would have missed this shot with my old sight - with no time to range the distance, the E-Z-V Sight performed exactly as promised. 

I called this cow in, and at one point she was within 15 yards -  maybe closer, but there was no shot. Maybe some of you guys have experienced the uncanny ability of these critters to stop with their vitals behind a tree while their head and neck peer around that tree at you.  I was at full draw and held as long as I could, which wasn't long enough.  When I let off, of course, she ran way out there. At first, I thought to try and guess the yardage, and then told myself to just let the E-Z-V Sight do what it is designed to do. In only a second, the "V" framed the vitals; I released, and the arrow went dead center through both lungs!  She did not suffer.... in less than 10 seconds she was down. How far was the shot?  I don't know, but down passed the middle of the V!   I'm sold!

Amazingly fast in acquiring the target, no pins in the way to block your view. This is no gimmick. I have taken two animals so far this season using the EZV. I don't think there is anything out there that compares.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Pinless Distance Ranging Compound Bow Sight

- Ben VanHelding -

So there I was, and the next thing I knew, the badger was at full charge.  I was scared for my life, but because of the E-Z-V Sight I was able to make a split second decision on his distance and stuck him in the chest.  Probably saved myself and my buddy.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Pinless Distance Ranging Compound Bow Sight

Colter's first deer using the E-Z-V Sight

Pinless Distance Ranging Compound Bow Sight
Pinless Distance Ranging Compound Bow Sight

- Jesse, Belgrade, MT -

It’s the best thing I’ve seen in the archery world in 20-years. Point, shoot, and kill – Easy!

- Mike Horton, Detroit, Michigan -

bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights

Pinless Distance Ranging Compound Bow Sight

- Bobby Schneider, Clio, Michigan -

A dream come true! Sweet piece-of-work!
ow sights bow sights bow sights bow sight

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

E-Z-V Compound Bow Sight is Changing the Game.
-Steve Sheetz, -
bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sight
I'm over 50 years old and having trouble seeing my pins. I got to try the E-Z-V Sight and on my second shot I Robin Hooded my first arrow. I was shooting a Victory Armor Piercing 300 spine. The E-Z-V Sight works! No B.S.
- Jim Miller, Livingston, MT -
bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sight
In testing quartering-away shots, I found I can hit the vitals easily as the arrow goes right down the middle between the V.

I tried the E-Z-V Sight from my ladder stand at various distances and find the sight does the job.

With the E-Z-V Sight, the need for range finding is minimal.

I put it through its paces to see how it works in a ground blind as the sun sets and thoroughly impressed about how quickly target acquisition occurred and how I nailed the spot every time.

In low light, I found that the E-Z-V Sight allows me to shoot with confidence right down to the final minutes of legal hunting times.

Great invention! I am super impressed with the prototype and have already ordered one for my bow and will be ordering one for my son for his bow.

- Doug Moisey, Alberta Canada -

bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sight

If you haven't tried the E-Z-V Sight yet, it is a must and you won't be disappointed. The E-Z-V Sight not only makes the few seconds you have to make your kill shot decision quicker, but it also doesn't break the bank. This sight turned out to be so versatile that I was able to swap this sight out with the original one on my bow and it was sighted in within minutes. I'm by no means the best shooter out there, but with this sight on my bow, I did feel more confident when judging the yardage on a game animal.

- Dan Jones, Corvallis, MT -

bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights

4th, 5th, and 6th shot!  Thank you so much for making this!
Her first three at 30-yards!  She loves it!
- Travis, Kalispell,  MT -
bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights
Pinless Distance Ranging Compound Bow Sight

- Mac's Sport Shop, Libby, MT -

The only sight we sell.

bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights

I love my E-Z-V Sight!  I still have a way to go (lots more practice) but this is what happened when I shot 40-yards... I had never tried 40-yards before and this was my first try tonight(9 shots). Before tonight I had tried a few shots at 30-yards, but didn't do so hot and would never have tried to shoot anything at 30-yards.  I am super excited to think I will be able to shoot at 40-yards with more practice.  Thank you!
- Ginger Houston, Marion, MT -
bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights
Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Lasco, inventor of the EZ V Bow Sight. Aaron offered me the opportunity to shoot his new sight I jumped at the opportunity, I had been hearing about this sight for quite a few months and have been itching to get my hands on it. Aaron came over saturday we unloaded an Elk, deer & a turkey as well as standard target with a deer silhouette on it for sighting in. Me and Arron first started at about 10 yards to start sighting in much like a standard pin sight you adjust the windage very similar, but without your typical dovetail axis.

Aaron & and I moved to twenty yards once I had a good group at ten, a few shots later and I was on at twenty moving moving all the way out to 60 I adjusted the sight and was ready to shoot at any distance by just aligning the shoulder and the last rib.I started pretty close shooting the elk first, of course my personal favorite. I shot shot a few times all around 25 -30 yards and the great thing was i didnt need to know I just adjusted the V between the shoulder and last rib all my shots were within an inch to 2 inch group and 2 in the the ten ring all without pins or knowing my actual distance. Ganging confidence moved somewhere between 40 - 50 yards again taking a few shots. I was amazed it worked perfect, all my shots again were within a 2-3 inch group and 2 out of five in the ten ring. i moved to 50-60 yards again same results, 2-3 inch shot group all vitals, my thoughts now were ok it works great on the elk, thats what I had sighted in for what about the turkey and deer.

I again started fairly close around 20-25 yards my first shot was on the turkey I was a little high adjusting for what I just learned I shot again back and fourth between the deer and turkey all vital kill shots. Not to sound repetitive but i proceeded the same thing moving farther out all the way to 60 or so yards and always producing vital kill shots with consistent shot groups. But now for the question I asked Aaron from the very beginning how about quartering away shots. Now much like moving from the elk to the turkey or deer the chest size varies, all had to do was adjust my V window for a smaller chest size and no matter the degree of quartering away till I wouldn't take the shot anyway, I was always shooting within the vitals for kill shots every time every shot. Now mind you this was all within a couple hours of. I was jacked to say the least that and was thinking of how great this would be for my fourteen year old son to eliminate his doubt about distance. Me and Aaron talked for a while after shooting and Aaron offered to let me keep the sight for a couple days. I gladly accepted although i don't think Aaron quite realized how close he was to not getting it back.

My thought was i had shot and had to do some adjusting to go between the animals but would that retain the next day cause lets face it there is no redo's in hunting, how i wish there was but at the end of the day if you cant produce the same results like with pins it's not going to work. I started shooting and not once did i have to rethink it, all my shots quartering away or size of animal every shot every time no matter my distance vital kill shots every time.

Aaron my hats off to you I cant wait to be able to purchase 2 of these one for my son and myself. Thanks for the opportunity You truly have a great product here and I highly recommend this to any hunter my only thought would be this it is a new sight its not pins and although it sights in much like pins its not pins there is a small learning curve to it, simply cause there is nothing like it so make sure you read the instructions and even go to Aaron's web sight and educate yourself a little before shooting it. You will be glad you did and Aaron thanks for your time as well as letting me borrow the sight for a few days make sure you reserve 2 for me.

- Rory Minjares, MT -

bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights

I just put the E-Z-V Sight on my bow Thursday evening. Went to a 3-D shoot today. I hadn't tried it past 40- yards and the first target was 60- yards. No problem. Same with the next 19 -  various sizes, and distances.  While everyone else was ranging and picking pins, I wasn't even considering the distance. There were some skeptics in the group when we started -  none by the time we finished. You nailed it Aaron. Thanks again.
- Ron Nail, Whitefish, MT -
bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights
Dude!  I'm hooked!!  I'm converted for life on this new sight!!
- Eligah Corrigan, Polson, MT -
bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights
After shooting this sight last week , I was truly amazed at how quickly I could react to random distances while shooting my 3d deer target without the assistance of my range finder. Another benefit for me was with sight marks on both sides it helped calm my natural target panic .
Aaron Lasco owner makes a great product & I think its very lethal for open country spot & stalk hunting.

- Scott Geddes, Mount Angel, Oregon -

bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights

I have one and I can't tell everyone enough really how much I love this sight. Easy to use! Very accurate more so now then with my other sight! Thanks Arron! These still are amazing! Love them! Out of the box onto the bow, with in the first 5 arrows at 30 yards. Amazing!!!!!

- Andrea Banyai, Kalispell, MT -

bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights

First time I've ever just walked around without ranging my target...this was 5 shots, anywhere from 20+yards to over 50.

I really couldn't be happier with it. I actually lost two arrow's last weekend shooting over 65 yards (I didn't range it till I shot) both arrows were low. By watching your new video (that small target that you threw out was the one I shot at exactly) I know now why I missed. I was judging my shot in the Vidal's of deer or elk, not the size of that ball, that's why I shot low. I really couldn't be happier with this site. Excited for the future of this site.

- Clint Como, Montana -

bow sights bow sights bow sights bow sights

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